The name is Jo, and this is an extension of her mind.

Simply put, Jo is a geeky student who refuses the orthodoxy of working world, with passion in Education for Everyone. She prefers to stay in the Academic World, for as long as possible, while helping fellow students in achieving their academic works.

Jo is now completing her undergraduate study in Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya, specifically in Teaching EFL for Secondary School Learners. Currently, she is focusing herself to the last year of her study (comprising the teaching practicum and thesis). In her free-time, she tutors Mathematics and Science for Elementary-Middle School Learners; or otherwise reads books (or dictionary, whenever boredom drives the nerdiness within).

All-in-all, most thoughts are impromptu. Please keep in mind that Jo has a strange impulse to say things without much thoughts (and regrets much later). Strange as it seems, thoughts are most likely what she believes at the moment of writing but no longer one in the future. But a musing is just a musing, and Jo likes to share a piece with everyone.

Hence, the writings 🙂

ps. For study-related question, please head to Tutor’s Talk. Jo may (not) be able to give pointers etc.

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