I have a confession: I hate public places.

Once a friend said that I hibernate on holidays; but after a long thought, I have to agree with to some degree–because I don’t go out often. Probably it’s agoraphobia speaking, but I do hate being around people. Especially a lot of people.

Unfortunately, there are some inevitable in this life. Commuting used to be one (now I prefer driving, however tiring it is). Cafeteria is another.

Now, let me explain: I don’t buy lunch that often at work. The perk of working in educational institute is that there’s always something that kills your appetite to work on. However, when I do, I always have this misfortune of buying lunch during students’ break. Blame it on my lack of sense in time, but that’s what happen.

Not that I have problems with students (or being around them), but somewhat there’s this acute feeling that our young generations emit: they are blind. What usually happen is that they push, shove, yell, and forget that there are other people around them.

Call me exaggerating, but unfortunately this happens just about everywhere, and not just to the young generations: marketplace, department store, schools, on the road and who knows? Our governmental offices?

Of course, a lot of times we’re being extremely polite about it: asking our friend who’s next in line to get our things, or having dear husband to wait on the line while we run around to get the last minute groceries, or *coughs* asking the higher ups to push our proposal to the boss and ignore the others on the line *coughs* instead of just shoving into the line.

Is this my answer to avoiding public places? Actually no; I still hyperventilate around the crowd, queuing or not, sadly. But when it comes to the line, I just have to bear with it (persevering!). My mother always scold me for being slow whenever someone shoves into the line, just in front of me.

I think if that happens again, I will reply (loudly), “It’s not slow–I’m just preserving the dying art of queuing.”