…of being a stewardess. Except that soon after it was dashed by the many airplane crashes publicized by the newspaper (and now that I think about it, I don’t even think I have that patience to take care of the annoying passengers–and it doesn’t worth the amount of traveling I might get).

And then at one point I dreamt of being a journalist, specifically a war journalist. But on hindsight, it’s largely affected by my teacher and my suicidal mind. But I still want to be a journalist. …Well, maybe an Editor; I think I will give up hunting for news after a while. Eheh

Once I thought I wanted to be an astronaut. Shush! It doesn’t work out because I was slapped by the reality that I’m not physically built for that (nor I really tried to be one, LOL.) At one point, it somewhat shifted that I want to be a scientist. I kinda regretted the decision of not persevering. But that still does not stop me from looking for a scholarship program to study Physics or Astronomy again.

When I told everyone that I wanted to be a teacher, I got a pretty mixed reaction. In general, they all stared at me as if I’ve grown another head (even people who interviewed me did feel the same). Of course, from my family side they were thinking that someone finally continued my grandparents’ teaching spirit.
I think.

Now that I am a teacher (struggling and surviving, somewhere in-between?), I often look back and thought about Steve Jobs’ words on connecting the dots and to no one’s surprise, they’re just collection of random dots. Yes, I dream a lot–and it didn’t stop me from following my dream, however whimsical it sounds (except the first one, but that’s a total exception). I still want to do more, even if I’ve found what I want to do (or so I want to think).

I once dreamt of being a sky photographer. Except that I don’t have that aesthetic soul in me. But now that I thought about what I want to do, I’ll give it a shot.

I still dream of being an author. Strangely enough, the past few weeks I’ve been writing something that I want to write more than I did for the last three years at least. In fact, ideas just keep sprouting from everywhere that I’m actually overwhelmed with those. Will they work out?

I dream that I could form my thoughts into realization. But as clouds in the sky, sometimes they’ll disperse in a blink of eye into another form if not nothing. Who knows? For me, I think I’ll keep dreaming and work them out into something.

We will see.