It’s almost the end of the school year already? My, how time flies. *stares at the documents* I don’t know if I’ll ever get these done now. orz

But coming to the end of the year (almost; about two weeks left now) is quite a surprise on its own. With many happenings around school, I’m surprised that I’m still here. Even if I end up abandoning my thesis, haha. *gets smacked*

What have I been doing then these days? Catching up with the grades is one (why am I a language teacher again? *stares at the papers*), trying to get back into my readings is another (it’s collecting some pretty dust on the corner. I should really start, shouldn’t I?), and writing.
Add splurging money too somewhere in-between, ha.. ha.. ha… *stares at bank account* Maybe I should abandon that Christmas getaway. orz

What have I learnt in this year of internship? Surprisingly (or I suspect it’s just stress speaking), I’ve become more outspoken. Perhaps too snarky bordering trolling at times. *ninja* Is that a good thing? I don’t know.

Some also say that I can project my voice better. Still small, but hey… considering that my internal talk time is much larger than the other one, that should be a good change, considering my line of work. Right?

Dealing with people is still a challenge. I can’t even tell if that gets better or worse over the course of the year. It’s still uncomfortable, and with the new batch of students coming (wait, I’m staying? Really?), I should really just… ignore all those worries and move on.

Have I become a better person? I don’t know; I’m still lazy and so cluttered that it surprised me surviving the hectic year. Then again, it’s not a judgement I can make for myself. I just hope that I have… but perhaps, that’s just that.

So, almost to the end of the year now. What will I do next? I’m not quite sure myself, but staying idle to wonder won’t answer it. For now, I’ll just do what I can (and must), and then perhaps we’ll see.

Good morning all, and have a good day. ^_^

ps. One day, I will surely regret posting an entry so early in the morning without enough caffeine to keep me sober.