I used to write in daily basis.

Admittedly, they are mostly a daydream note in the midst of boring lectures and/or silent train ride and/or lazy days and/or… well, you get the idea. Of course, not that I can claim that they are great either. In fact, most of them are just ideas, introduction if I have to use essay as an analogy. None really came to a completion, although a few still popped in to be toyed around every now and then.

But again, then I used to read even more.

Nowadays, most that I read is students’ writing though that’s probably part of the occupational hazard–not that I’m complaining… much. But I came to that realization that hit me with the velocity of speeding car (the proverbial train runs slow and hits everything else) just as I was listening to a respected dramatist (whom, much to my shame for my own ignorance, I don’t know orz) this morning-afternoon.

In those sessions, ideas are easy to come and go. At the moment, I don’t even consider of being a good writer (I mean, seriously…), but it still hit me that dear God, I miss writing so much. Even though I’ve been falling back and forth to that habit this late, I don’t fully realize it. Which is a joke in many levels.

Does it just coincide with the fact that lately I’ve been taking more time to read more? Who knows, it’s just a weird timing and weird session, or perhaps I am just too stressed with the illegible handwriting. *gets bricked*

At times like this, I consider my students’ questions every time I give them a writing task (or my friends, facing a writing task of their own). Most of them, sadly, are simply people who… don’t like reading.

Or in English classes, people who don’t read enough English.

That fact alone is quite ironic since most of them can speak English well. Quite excellent, in fact. But hand them a writing task, only a handful of those will come back with presentable English writing.

In terms of ideas, they are brilliant. But then again, ideas alone cannot be enough in writing. Especially in Academic English. Sometimes the resulting voice doesn’t even fulfill the standard; most of the time, the ideas were lost in lack of organization.

That’s still a challenge for me to face. Although the coming semester I will be teaching different students, I guess instead of expecting them to give me a 3-page essay in a month, I should probably ask them to read 300 pages of English. *rubs hands, insert evil grin here*

So back to the original topic, I miss reading. And I miss writing; I do miss the quiet times where I can simply pour my thoughts in writing without any pressure nor expectation.
…Never mind that I do have a thesis to finish, but that’s beside the point. *gets stomped*

Perhaps the coming holiday (eh, holiday? I have one?) I will read more and satisfy that thirst. One way or another.

Anyway, I better get home now. I promised to go home like, an hour ago. Hoho… *ninja goes off*