I found this from Facebook. While I was playing game. ahem. 😳 Yes, yes, I’m supposed to be working on my thesis; but you know what they say about procrastinator. And yes, I am digressing. *coughs*


Learn English; Grammar-less!

Let me begin with sharing: if my memory serves me right (something I doubt these days), I learn English mostly by structure and reading. By that, I’m saying that: 1) my English teachers did overtly emphasise on grammar; and 2) if some people think that I have better English, it’s all because I read a lot rather than memorising grammar (as evident in my modals quiz: 30-something).

And fortunately, I don’t have to learn English formally that long-the university years discounted, so I DID pick up a lot of things from my reading. Don’t ask; I didn’t pay that many attention to my Structure classes.

But that does not mean that I don’t pay attention to grammar. Yes, it’s a boring study, but truthfully? One grammatical mistake in my reading means good-bye from me. (which makes fanfic reading very painful btw). *coughs* Yet I’m not an elitist. I also makes mistakes too, although I try not to do that a lot. I can be tolerant if the error is not, well.. annoying.

How important is grammar in a language? How important is a set of rules in a society? How important is discipline in your life? Perhaps a native English speaker can understand “I had to did my homeworks last night,” or “I will also happily ever after.” Which are simple errors because I can’t think of any at the moment. But some of us are not as fortunate: we have students, or mentors who would go as far as vindictive about it. *shudders*

With the social media -microblogging- in trend, many of us do not really bother with what we type, what we publish. Who would judge us if I “loose my keys and now I’m lock out?” It’s not like someone will step up and take a point off it. For me? Yes, it’s hurting my eyes, but we’ll all live through it. But in academic setting? Yes, unfortunately we are still bound to grammar (or lose some marks off it, which can be crucial in your paper).

But with the communicative approach, *chokes a bit over it* I guess most of us will not worry too much about getting everything right. Hey, if the interlocutor understands, then the communication is a success, right? Even if your speak are error. Just my word, a good grammar makes you look… educated. *runs off before she gets bricked*

Oh, by the way, that learning program I posted at the beginning of the post? Unless I misjudged it, it’s pretty much back to Audiolingualism which was popular in the 1950s. Only on distance. Go figure.

And now that they’re off my head, off I go. 🙂