I don’t remember the last time I received a Christmas greeting in handwriting. For my part, I think I gave out Christmas cards to dearest friends last year, and sent a few the year before.

Tagged on Facebook

Tagged on Facebook: Merry Christmas

And this year, my Facebook news feed is practically filled with Christmas cards and notes… tagged. Truth to be told, I don’t remember how it was like last year (probably bunch of status updates, and I don’t think I see much of Facebook back then anyway). Still, I find it quite amusing, if not wondrous in their own ways, how the social media has changed the ways we communicate. One way or the other.

No, I don’t really find it irritating. Mind you, I appreciate the thoughts and everything. Perhaps least amused to find my inbox overflowed with notification, but that’s easy to take care.

Do you remember when e-cards came to invade your inbox years ago? I think I still got a few this year (and lots of promotional ones), but lesser of the personal ones year by year.

Is it that much of a difference with what we have now? With the technology of communication, we find it easy to tag a bunch of people: relatives and friends, distant and close ones; instead of writing card-by-card (and even bothering yourself to send them out, address-by-address).

So it’s no longer a big deal for us all to be personal. We prefer not to be personal even, sometimes because we might miss someone who might take it the wrong way and might detest you the rest of their lives. But that’s just hypothetically, cynically speaking.

All for all, it is interesting to see something changing. Even if it may be a bad thing for some people (or great for most of us).

So, at the end of this rather short entry, please allow me to wish you all a Happy Christmas. May the joy fill your heart and I pray that you and your family be blessed.