Call me cynical, anti-social, misanthropic, a hermit. But I, in general, don’t believe in long-life relationship. Or, I’m sorry to say, marriage in general.

So… I have a poor social-skill (and a low EQ that generally makes my life quite miserable for being dismissed from good schools). And to no surprise, some people do resent me for being ‘insensitive.’ But this post is not really an excuse, whatever you may think, and I’ll just be annoying and have a say on marriage.

A good friend called yesterday… basically whining ‘curhat’-ing about her family life. Understandably, she is a very independent woman, and I can imagine having to take care of two children, isolated and… lacking of activity and personal income frustrate her.

On the other hand, another good friend is getting married in less than a year. And understandably, she is very excited and happy and… well, excited about it. (and if you read this, believe me, I’m not being cynical and unhappy nor even discouraging about that; I do pray that this will be a great experience in your life).

…well, I know they’re different and I can’t really draw a comparison between the two. Mind you if I happen to watch too many chick-lit romance on the movie and… generalise the whole thing. And to make it fair, I haven’t really spent a long, quality time with the former before her wedding, and the latter, obviously, is not married yet.

What concerns me, however, is a rather change of character of oneself. Being in that situation. Is it really a matter of, “finding your other half, you can’t help but reveal yourself”-thing-y? And pffttt, mind you, if I meet one, I want to CHANGE for the better, not be myself. So, pardon my french, that’s a load of crap.

Is marriage really a prison? From what I see (and I’m sorry if I haven’t seen much), there’s only too few of what I’d say an ideal one. In fact, I envy the women in the fairy tales for their ignorance and blissfully happy marriage life. And hey, who am I to complain? Their lives meet an end after the ‘True Love Kiss’ (and we don’t get the story after the white, dove-y marriage).

Life, is not. We move on, and this time together. Oh, I understand that every family will have their own struggle and such and so on. And to be fair, people are happy about their family lives. And believe me if I say that it’s for the better, not worse.

Arguably, I am still too self-centred and definitely not ready to commit myself to serious relationship. Not even to the BFF thing, sorry. I enjoy my solitude, and if anyone gets closer, I’m sorry to say that you are intruding.

And if it’s really necessary to say, unless I get struck by lightning (which may, for all it counts, happen tomorrow for all we know) and fall madly in love with a man who’ll be my future husband, I still plan to spend the rest of my life alone.

For the time being, I enjoy my being solitary. Whether you think it’s sad or whatever, it’s none of your bloody business, believe me.

There! I need to get this off my head. Then we’re back to Hamlet’s love life orz